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    Safety Kids is a family owned Australian business founded in 2012. As a family comprising of parents, grandparents, teachers and safety professionals, we realised that children are most at risk when they are off school grounds, on excursions and sporting trips or just on their way to school out of parental care.

    We have designed a range of children’s and adult sized Hi-vis Safety Vests so that children can be SEEN easier by motorists and SAFER by being easily identifiable by teachers and parent helpers. Our unique multi-purpose pocket makes our hi-vis vests safer again and can be used for a range of ideas such as a numbering/colour system to identify groups, or use it to hold important allergy or medical information about individual children.

    Many schools across the world are realising the benefits of safety vests and using them to increase the safety of children when off school grounds, both on excursions and when children are on their way to and from school. In some countries across Europe their use is mandatory.

    We can’t wrap our children in cotton wool, and they need to take their own risks to grow into strong independent adults, but we can take simple measures to protect them.


    The Safety Kids Team.