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    Is fluorescent yellow the only colour available for Children’s Safety Vests?

    At Safety Kids we want our children to have the best chance of being seen. Hi-visibility yellow is the best colour for this. Our unique Multi-Purpose pocket can be used to create a colour coding system to distinguish between groups of children.

    What are the sizes of the safety Vests?

    All our vests are multi-fit with adjustable velcro fasteners. For this reason, each of our vests will fit a wide range of sizes. As a guide:

    • Child Vest – Suitable for most children from K-6 (95% of primary age children will fit this size. Occasionally, some very large children may be unable to close the front fastening on the vest but will still be able to wear the vest.)
    • Teacher/Leader Vest – One Size fits all adults, with adjustable velcro fasteners.

    Why don’t you have a medium size?

    Our vests are fitted with adjustable velcro fasteners so each vest will fit a wide range of body sizes, so a medium size is not needed.

    What payment options do you offer?

    We accept VISA, MasterCard and direct debit payments through PayPal on our website. When you click on the “PROCEED TO PAYMENT” button at checkout you will be taken to our PayPal portal where you can select your method of payment. Government (i.e. Schools) and large organisations may be invoiced with the product delivery. The invoice may be paid by direct bank transfer or cheque. – Contact us to place your order.

    Why does my PayPal invoice come from “Brian Thomas and Associates Pty Ltd T/A Safety Kids”?

    Although we trade as “Safety Kids” (Trademarked) the legal entity of our family business is “Brian Thomas and Associates Pty/Ltd”.

    Do you ship overseas?

    No, at this stage we only ship to Australian postal addresses.

    How much is postage and handling?

    Postage varies between our products. We only charge equal to or less than the direct cost of postage. Click on the ‘CALCULATE’ button at checkout to see the postage on your order.

    How long will it take to receive my vests?

    Once payment is received, we will pack and ship your order within 2 business days. Delivery usually takes 3-5 business days depending on geographical location. The one exception to this is custom printed products. These have a turnaround time of approximately 2 weeks.

    When should the vests be used?

    For easy visibility of children by drivers, teachers, parent helpers and venue staff, it is recommended that children wear safety vests whenever they are off school grounds i.e: all excursions, getting on and off buses, school camps, walking school buses etc.

    What are the pockets used for?

    There are many ways to use the pockets.

    The front pocket is our multi-purpose pocket. It can be used in many ways, such as:

    • To create a Colour system to identify groups of children within a larger group.
    • To store visible information about a childs medical issues. A card can be inserted with a medical logo to say if they are allergic to certain foods or have asthma or need to take medication.
    • To create a numbering system to make roll calls easier for non-teacher helpers.

    The back pocket also can be used in many ways, we suggest inserting printed paper with the name of the school and the phone number of the teacher in charge, or you can use this pocket for a colour/numbering system to quickly identify individual children.

    What is printed on the “printable” vests?

    It is suggested that the name and phone number of the school/organisation be printed on the back of the vest. We can also print logos (one colour only) – Just ask!

    Is there a minimum order for Printing?

    Yes, due to setup costs there is a minimum order of 30 vests for printing. We highly recommend ordering our Safety Kit which includes 30 printed vests, vest storage bag and teacher/leader vest all for less than the vests alone.

    Are Children’s Safety Vests used anywhere else?

    Yes, there is rapid expansion of their use across Europe and the UK as teachers and parents become aware of their effectiveness.  Our workers on building sites, council workers, even our crossing guards all wear hi-vis safety wear.  It makes perfect sense that we protect our children in the same way.

    I only need 28 vests. Can I still buy a Safety Kit? Do I get a discount?

    Yes, you may purchase a Safety Kit and we will adjust the price for the 2 vests you don’t need. Any orders of less than 20 vests will be at the individual vest price. Also the bag and teacher/leader vest will not be included for orders less than 20 vests.

    Do you offer a discount if I want to buy vests for my entire school?

    If you are making a purchase of 6 or more Safety Kits please contact us for bulk order discounts.

    What if I get the vests and they don’t fit the kids? Can I exchange them?

    Please see our returns policy here.

    Can I get colour printing on the vest?

    Yes, we can print in a single colour. Multiple colour designs will incur additional print costs, please email us to discuss details and costs.

    Can I get my school logo printed on the vests?

    Sometimes. Depending on the complexity of your logo design we can work with our printer to accommodate your request. However, printing is single colour only.